Culvert Welcome to the website of Maloney and Pepping Construction Ltd. Originally owned and operated by Marcel Pepping and Mike Maloney until 1995, our company has finally placed themselves on the world wide web for both informational and corporate reasons.

Amaranth Bridge Our organization currently has a wide network of areas in which we do business, primarily within south-western Ontario. Due to our high level of professionalism and ability to deliver finished products that consistently comply with government standards, our company has been able to conduct business and apply our experience in municipal construction throughout the province. The name of Maloney and Pepping Construction has become synonomous with quality, professionalism and experience. Excavator 320D

Since 1991, the business has been owned by Marcel Pepping, the president and chief site supervisor for the majority of our job sites during any given season. Alongside the rest of our management team, Rachel Antoine and Shelley Pepping, they have built a successful organization over the years that has firmly established itself within the construction community of Stratford and the surrounding regions.