Marcel Pepping

Marcel Pepping is the president of Maloney and Pepping Construction and has been working for the business for over thirty-five years. His level of experience and leadership has made him invaluable to the organization, and since his complete take over of business interests in 1995, Marcel Pepping has been dedicated to the growth of the company with countless hours of hard work and tireless efforts over the years.

Originally trained as a carpenter, Marcel has been able to translate his education into success as a contractor for bridge building. When he first began working in the industry for the company's original owner, Mike Maloney, in 1978, Marcel began as a general labourer who became very successful at completing the jobs that were awarded to the company from engineering firms and ensuring that they met with all provincial, municipal and regional standards. As time went on, Marcel saw an opportunity to become more involved with the company and chose to buy into the business as a partner alongside Mike Maloney. By 1991, after having bought 50% of the company, it was renamed to Maloney and Pepping Construction with Marcel taking control of job sites for the company.

Four years later, with the help of Shelley Pepping, who bought the remainder of the company from Mike Maloney, they assumed 100% ownership of the organization and had established a business that carried a reputation of quality and craftsmanship within the industry. Over the last twenty years now Marcel has continued to grow and develop his business by winning bids for jobs throughout south-western and south-central Ontario.

As the company continues to develop, Marcel continues to expand and seek out potential for the business by researching and investigating new developments for many treatments of products such as concrete, landscaping and other features that the company works with on a continual basis.

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Rachel Antoine, C.E.T.

Rachel Rachel Antoine has been a member of Maloney and Pepping Construction since 2003. Before that she had spent five years working for a municipality within south-western Ontario. Rachel is an alumni of Conestoga College and received her diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. Since her graduation in 2008, Rachel has increased her skills within the company by receiving her C.E.T. certification and her designation as a Road Construction Junior Inspector, and has further increased her role within the company by becoming a site superintendent to help oversee job sites throughout the comapny.

As she continues to grow and learn, Rachel has been working closely with Marcel to develop her skills a a superintendent and as a component of the business going into the future. Rachel has become critical to the success of the business by lending a youthful and fresh perspective to the organization and helping determine the course that the business will take going into the future.

As a member of Maloney and Pepping Constuction, Rachel takes great pride in delivering a top quality service to each and every project that the business undertakes every year. Her sense of commitment and her willingness to learn from those around her has made Rachel a valuable asset going into the future for Maloney and Pepping Construction.

As a site superintendent for Maloney and Pepping Construction, Rachel works very closley with the labourers of the company and also closely with site inspectors during each project. Her sense of professionalism and respect for those around her has allowed her to take on the role easily within the business and now as she continues to develop her skills as a leader on the job site she will be abe to translate these experiences and responsibilities into success in the future.

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Shelley Pepping

Shelley Shelley Pepping has been the company's administrative personnel for over fifteen years and has been tasked with everything from payroll to ensuring that all appointments and meetings are always honoured by the team at Maloney and Pepping Construction Ltd.

Shelley previously spent time working as a Registered Nurse in Ontario and has been able to transfer her skills and translate that same dedication to her current position with the organization. Having an understanding of Health and Safety measures that must be followed and always ensuring that the company complies with WSIB and WHIMIS policies which has allowed the business to maintain a reputation of safety for their employees when they are on any job site during the construction season.

While Shelley's primary focus is office adminstration, she is actively involved in many of the organization's overall operations including delivering tenders to municipalities, reviewing bids, guaranteeing they are compelted and delivered on time for considerations and also following up with all suppliers of materials and sub-contractors to the business during jobs.

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Todd Antoine, CP

Todd Todd has been a member of Maloney and Pepping Construction since 2012. In his time with the organization, Todd has been instrumental in advancing technologies within the comp any, including developing and maintaining a number of programs to help streamline productivity within the company. During the slower months of the year, Todd can be found creating applications for use by the administrative staff and updating the company's website to include images from the projects completed throughout the construction season.

Todd is a graduate of Conestoga College and their Computer Programmer course and has taken his skills with technology and become the company's IT consultant, however, once jobs have been established for the construction season, Todd also works closely with Marcel and Rachel on site to complete the required work, bringing his own management style to a job site and desire for quality work to be completed in a prompt and timely manner.

Todd brings a sense of innovation and communication to the company by working closely with the employees on job sites to ensure that work is completed, but also that the work that is done is completed to the standards that have come to be expected from Maloney and Pepping Construction. His fresh views on technologies and methods for the construction industry have helped the company to stay competitive within the market while also remaining current within the industrial community also.

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